How to translate


You can (but you don’t have to) use Transifex to manage/coordinate your translations:

The imdb.locale package contains some scripts that are useful for building your own internationalization files:

  • The script should be used only when the DTD is changed; it’s used to create the imdbpy.pot file (the one that gets shipped is always up-to-date).
  • You can copy the imdbpy.pot file as your language’s .po file (for example imdbpy-fr.po for French) and modify it according to your language.
  • Then you have to run the script (which is automatically executed at install time) to create the .mo files.

If you need to upgrade an existing translation, after changes to the .pot file (usually because the DTD was changed), you can use the msgmerge utility which is part of the GNU gettext suite:

msgmerge -N imdbpy-fr.po imdbpy.pot > new-imdbpy-fr.po

If you create a new translation or update an existing one, you can send it to the <> mailing list, for inclusion in upcoming releases.