How to make a release

During development


Be sure that the __version__ variable is up-to-date.


When a major fix or feature is committed, the changelog must be updated.

When a new release is planned


The date of the release has to be added.

How to release

  • Commit the above changes.
  • Add an annotated tag like; e.g.: git tag -a 2020.09.25 (the commit message is not important).
  • python3 sdist
  • python3 bdist_wheel
  • git push
  • git push --tags
  • Don’t forget to push both sources and tags to both the GitHub and Bitbucket repositories (they are kept in sync).
  • Upload to pypi: twine upload dist/cinemagoer-* (you probably need a recent version of twine and the appropriate ~/.pypi file)
  • The new tar.gz must also be uploaded to (along with a new “news”).
  • Create a new release on GitHub, including the changelog and the whl and tar.gz files.


After the release


Add a new section for the next release, on top.

After that, you can commit the above changes with a message like “version bump”