People who contributed a substantial amount of work and share the copyright over some portions of the code:

Davide Alberani <da –>>

Main author and project leader.

H. Turgut Uyar <uyar –>>

The whole “http” data access system (using a DOM and XPath-based approach) is based on his work. The imdbpykit interface was mostly written by him and he holds the copyright over the whole code (with some portions shared with others). He provided the tox testsuite.

Giuseppe “Cowo” Corbelli <cowo –>>

Provided a lot of code and hints to integrate Cinemagoer with SQLObject, working on the script and the module.

Beside Turgut, Giuseppe and me, the following people are listed as developers for the Cinemagoer project on sourceforge and may share copyright on some (minor) portions of the code:

Alberto Malagoli

Developed the new web site, and detains the copyright of it, and provided helper functions and other code.

Martin Kirst <martin.kirst –>>

Has done an important refactoring of the imdbpyweb program and shares with me the copyright on the whole program.

Jesper Nøhr <jesper –>>

Provided extensive testing and some patches for the “http” data access system.

Joachim Selke <j.selke –>>

Many tests on IBM DB2 and work on the CSV support.

Timo Schulz <gnuknight –>>

Did a lot of work “sql”, DB2 and CSV support and extensive analysis aimed at diff files support.

Roy Stead <roystead247 –>>

Provided the script.

Additional translations were provided by:

  • strel (Spanish)
  • Stéphane Aulery (French)
  • RainDropR (Arabic)
  • Atanas Kovachki (Bulgarian)
  • lukophron (French)
  • Raphael (German)
  • Henrique Lauro Bagio de Souza (Portuguese)
  • Alexa Ognjanovic (Serbian)


First of all, I want to thank all the package maintainers, and especially Ana Guerrero. Another big thanks to the developers who used Cinemagoer for their projects and research; they can be found here:

Other very special thanks go to some people who followed the development of Cinemagoer very closely, providing hints and insights: Ori Cohen, James Rubino, Tero Saarni, and Jesper Noer (for a lot of help, and also for the wonderful; and let’s not forget all the translators on

The list of people contributing to Cinemagoer is getting too long, so starting from 20221222 we no longer add people to the list; see for a complete list of contributors.

We’d like to thank the following people for their donations:

  • Paulina Wadecka
  • Oleg Peil
  • Diego Sarmentero
  • Fabian Winter
  • Lacroix Scott