Q:Is Cinemagoer compatible with Python 3?
A:Yes. Versions after 6.0 are compatible with Python 3.x, but should also work with Python 2.7. If you need an older, unmaintained, version for Python, see the imdbpy-legacy branch in the repository.
Q:Importing the data using the ‘s3’ method, are the imdbID available?
A:Yes! The data from https://datasets.imdbws.com/ contains the original IDs.
Q:Importing the data using the old ‘sql’ method, are the imdbID available?
A:No. The old ‘sql’ method generates sequential imdbIDs that are unrelated to the ones used by the web site.
Q:I have an URL (of a movie, person or something else), how can I get a Movie/Person/… instance?
A:Import the imdb.helpers module and use the get_byURL function.
Q:I’m writing an interface based on Cinemagoer and I have problems handling encoding, chars conversions, replacements of references and so on.
A:See the many functions in the imdb.helpers module.
Q:How can I get a link to an image (movie cover or people headshot) with a specific size?
A:You can use the imdb.helpers.resizeImage function to get a link to a resized and/or cropped version of the image.